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JVC J-Link Bluetooth Aux Audio Music Streaming Module For Headunit


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Easily stream music from your mobile phone without cables or distractions with this JVC JLink Bluetooth audio streaming module. This is a premium quality module with an inbuilt filter for superior sound (you won’t get clearer Bluetooth streaming than this). This little adapter simply connects to the connector behind your car headunit and allows you to stream music from any device with Bluetooth.

Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads. It also works with Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google Phones. You can stream from Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube and more!

Plug in and play installation. Takes about 30 seconds to fully connect and stream on the initial connection.

This is the latest Bluetooth 4.0 module (also backwards compatible).

  • Easy to use and simple to connect
  • Just plug it in and connect via Bluetooth
  • Stream Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube and more
  • High quality A2DP streaming (CD quality sound)
  • Inbuilt audio filter for superior sound (this helps with static that you get with other inferior bluetooth audio adapters)
  • Control your music straight from your mobile phone
  • No wires from your mobile phone or MP3 player!


  • Length: 20cm
  • Connectors: 1x JVC Jlink Connector & 12v + and 12v –
  • Bluetooth type: Bluetooth 4.0 (also backwards compatible)

How To Install

  1. Connect the connector to the rear of your car headunit.
  2. Locate and tap a 12v accessory (turns off and on with your car ignition) and a ground (or negative)
  3. Once done, switch your headunit to CHANGER or AUX and connect to the adapter.
  4. Stream from your MP3 device with ease.


  • KS-U58
  • PD100
  • U57
  • U29
  • Will work with more models, just check the J-LINK connector on the back of your headunit. Check your specifications for a JLINK connector.

This cable does work with some SONY headunits as well. However, you will need to check the connection on the rear of your stereo.

Your JVC stereo will not recognise or detect the cable after plugging it straight away. You will need to activate the correct source that is “EXT IN” on the JVC headunit for audio input from this adapter! (do not use AUX input). You can do it from the menu. Then use the SRC button to select the source. If you are not sure how, please refer to the user manual.

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