70 Amp Car Stereo CB Radio Noise Filter Suppressor Grounding Device


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This power supply noise suppression device can help eliminate the most common power-related electronic noise problems associated with car audio systems, such as background noise or alternator whine coming through the speakers on your car. It is designed for installation in the engine compartment, near the alternator. This unit is effective against ‘Engine Hum’ and ‘Ticking’ caused by alternators, ignition coils and spark plug leads in automotive car radio and stereo installations.

    • Reduce alternator whine through your stereo
    • Removes engine interference
    • Use with car stereo, equalisers, amplifiers CB radios and more
    • 40 amp normal to 70 amp maximum
    • 8 Gauge wire


  • Size: 70mm L x 40mm D
  • Wire: 8 gauge gold plated
  • Amps: 40 amp normal to 70 amp maximum


  1. Connect the red cable (the side with only red cable) to the end of your existing amplifier or other device wiring (+).
  2. Connect the blue cable to ground/negative from battery, and the red cable to battery. (+)

Red w/ ring terminal – Positive input
Blue w/ ring terminal – Ground
Red w/ butt connector – Positive output

To Note

Ground loop isolators are considered a band-aid, as they suppress a problem that was created during installation. The only true way to fix the problem is to find the cause of the noise and eliminate it. Sometimes running the power wire down one side of the car and the RCA cables down the other will fix the problem. Another common cause is from using power wire that is too small for the audio system.
*Improvement in performance using this item is not guaranteed.
This filter may or may not eliminate noise.
This filter may cut volume.
This filter may add more noise.

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